Esta historia la escribí en inglés. Es un idioma con el que no estoy tan familiarizada como con mi lengua materna, y me atrevo a escribir según qué cosas sin ruborizarme. Ah, y ya sé que repito mucho cierta palabra, pero es que esto es lo primero que intento escribir en inglés, y me falta aún vocabulario, sobre todo del tipo del que trata la historia...

She could not remember what she was doing when he came. She was simply standing in the middle of the room, and all of a sudden she felt his warm beside her. He embraced her and kissed her neck, making her shiver with pleasure. His hands touched lightly her arms, and lifted to her face, caressing her cheeks. He pulled her hair slightly while kissing her neck and shoulders. Then he embraced her again. Her breathing began to accelerate as she felt his body so close to hers. His hands caressed her breasts over her undershirt, and then lifted it over them. He then caressed her naked breasts and her nipples, that were hard at the time. He turned her till they were in front of each other, and kissed her neck again, then lowered down to her breasts, and kissed them. She let out a groan when she felt his tongue licking her nipple. He seemed to like it, cos he kept licking while caressing the other breast with one of his hands. His free hand lowered to her jeans, and began to unbutton them, while caressing her crotch at the same time. Turning her so he was again behing her, he let her jeans fall to the floor, and caressed her thighs with passion and tenderness. He kissed her neck again, and his hands moved from his panties to her breast, and down again, caressing all her body. He suddenly slipped his hand under her panties, rubbing her, making her groan with the pleasure...
She woke up in her boyfriend's bedroom. The first thing she saw was him sitting in front of his computer, playing a videogame. Her body still prickling with pleasure, she woke up, put her jeans on, and approached him. He stopped playing and looked at her, smiling. She hugged him, and try to kiss him with all the passion she felt at the moment, but he moved away too soon to feel any of the feelings she wanted to transmit him, though still smiling. She tried again, and tighten her embrace, as she whispered to his ear: "I want you to make love to me"
When she moved away and looked at his face, she saw him still smiling, whit that tender smile he always had when being with her, but with no desire in his eyes. She waited for any sign, but he only widened his smile, and continue playing the videogame. She felt as if somebody had thrown her a cold water bucket, and then she simply sit down, let out a low sigh, and switched on the computer next to his, in order to spend the rest of the evening playing videogames too.


  1. As I said: "Que sutil"
    and sexy *3*

  2. tsk.
    no sé por qué dices lo de sutil, es una historia sin mas XD


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